Contract Paralegal

As of 2004, ‘limited scope representation’ has become an equitable option for legal services for most California Superior Court matters. ESC Legal Documents offers legal form preparation, including, but not limited to: Judicial Council Forms; Pleading declarations; Interrogatories; Request for Production of Documents; Admissions; Supplemental Discovery; Exhibits; Affidavits; Responsive Declarations; Disclosure; Process Service; and Marital Settlement Agreements; on a contractual basis, for willing attorneys whom also share the desire to help ‘pro per’ litigants with unbundled services.

ESC believes that both the independent paralegal and the attorney can work together in union to better serve the community at-large, by providing the public with unbundling legal needs, including necessary legal advice, sub-in litigation and legal document preparation; to better suit the economic needs of the community.

For the over-committed attorney, ESC Legal Documents provides reliable professional paralegal help, when your practice may need it the most. In addition, ESC extends the opportunity for your firm to submit its name on the website’s referral list.

I welcome your questions and/or comments and I look forward to a professional business relationship.