Types of Law

ESC Legal Documents helps 'In Pro Per' Litigants (Propria Persona) in various areas of law, including; FAMILY LAW, CIVIL LITIGATION, PROBATE, SMALL CLAIMS, BANKRUPTCY (limited) and CONTRACT LAW, adhering to any and all applicable California Statues and Codes.

Each customer's case is handled differently, contingent on the issues presented and facts given. ESC can not, nor does give legal advice for any reason. If you have questions regarding your case, or regarding the direction you wish to proceed, we recommend you to seek appropriate legal counsel with a practicing member of the State Bar for a consultation or answers to your legal questions. This office can refer you to practicing attorneys in your area that we highly recommended.

We consider it a pleasure and look forward to helping you with your legal matter and thank you for choosing ESC Legal Documents for your legal document needs.


Tracey Serino, LDA #233
Director of Paralegal Services